Busting The Myth #1: Work and Game do not Mix?!

Motivation and engagement. Yes! as time goes by, the world face major problems around those two factors that can enhance individual’s learning, both for work and individual’s development.
But, do no worry! Throughout history, humans have tried to make existing learning and tasks more intriguing, motivating and even ‘’fun”. Brian Sutton-Smith once stated the opposite of play is not work, but depression. So, for those who think that work and game do not mix are misinterpreted.
And that’s when “gamification” take place, Gamification is a developing approach for increasing learners’ motivation and engagement by incorporating game design elements into non-game environments. It attempts to make technology more inviting by encouraging users to engage in desired behaviors and by showing the path to mastery. Janaki Kumar & Mario Herger stated that from a business viewpoint, gamification is using people’s innate enjoyment of play.
As with any innovative trend, best practices in gamification are still emerging. Some businesses are simply adding game mechanics such as points, badges and leaderboards to their applications and calling them “gamified.”
One of the gamification design best practices, it outlines a process called Player Centered Design, which offers a five-step approach to gamification that works.