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Dr. Janette M. Pinariya, S.Si, MM

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Working Experience
January 2020 – Present as Vice Rector I
September – December 2019 as Head of Program Communication Studies
February 2016 – August 2019 as Executive Dean
Department of Public Relations
Department of International Relations
Department of Marketing Communication
July 2013 – Present as Internal Auditor for Quality Control
as Assessor Competencies, Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi
August 2014 – January 2016 as Dean Department of Business Studies
August 2011 – July 2013 as Associate Dean for Marketing Communication Studies
July 2006 – June 2010 as Admission and Promotion Manager, Master Degree


Doctorate Programme (Dr.)
Universitas Sahid, Jakarta
Majoring: Communication Science
Dissertation Topic: Public Relations competencies / GPA 3.60

Master Degree (MM)
Universitas Persada Indonesia YAI, Magister Management
Majoring: Marketing Management / GPA: 3.65 scale 4.00

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