BPO (Talent Acquisition, Placement), Payroll, Access Permit

We provide services of Business Process Outsourcing starting from accounting, payroll, IT services, human resource and quality assurance professionally.


IT Manage Service

We provide services of IT solutions which delivered by in IT service professionals to put your company’s focus back on the IT firm.


Post Project Implementation

We provide services to evaluate the projects that has been conducted, determining how effective the project was run, lessons learning for the future project, and ensure the benefits of the project for your company.


Work Permit License Services

Arofrasa as one stop services Company will also make sure clients to have work permit license that is needed by candidates.


Head Hunting Services

We will help you in Start-to-finish executive Recruitment. Our job is identify, excite, & secure best in class proffesionals for our clients.   


Man Power Services

Based on strong foundation and it's strong involvement in oil and gas, power and energy industry, Arofrasa has the capability to provide man power services in various stages of projects in these industries, either though its own internal sources or through contracted workforce which is outsourced to its clients.


Payrol Services

Arofrasa provide a flexible and comprehensive payrol service, allowing you to ensure that salaries, BPJS and relevant taxes are calculated in accordance with appropriate legislation are paid and remitted as required.

Would You Like To Start A Project With Us?

If you interest please send email to info@arofrasa.com