Banking & Finance

Bank BJB

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Name of assignment or project:
Review HPS ‘Harga Perkiraan Sendiri’ Pengadaan IT Bank BJB

Scope Of Project:
1. Reviewing / analyzing HPS for IT goods / services needed (for 100 procurement);
2. Prepare conclusions and input the results of the HPS evaluation;
3. Attending KAK discussion meetings with users if needed by Bank BJB
4. Accompany and assist in data requests and accountability from external and / or internal parties related to IT
5. Final report

Output & Deliverable:
1. Provide consultation / recommendations and solutions from the results of the HPS that have been reviewed;
2. Providing system development proposals;
3. Providing escort if there are questions or auditing responsibilities related to IT procurement;
4. Preventing the implications of SOP violations and justifying the proposed price set by the user;